Continental Airlines in 2003 Sustaining the Turnaround

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I. CASE CONTEXT Imagine a company where employees hate the moment when they wake up because they know that they’re going to have to go to work. Once at work, these employees, who even consider maximizing their sick leave just to have an excuse not to be there, are all day with disgruntled customers complaining about the lousy service, the late planes and lost baggage. When the saving grace of break time finally arrives, these employees rush out and exert the utmost effort to pretend not to be associated in any way with the company to avoid helping other employees and more so to avoid the irate and angry customers. After the few minutes of reprieve that lunch and coffee breaks provide, these very unfortunate employees are thrust…show more content…
Strategic and efficient streamlining process For a lot of companies, streamlining of business operations is a very difficult task, but not for Continental Airlines. Streamlining involved changes and although the ones that Continental Airlines implemented were drastic in nature, these were necessary in order to get its act together and achieve its goal of flying to win. All measures that involved cutting costs (such as closing money-losing hubs, eliminating Airbus 300 from their fleet, cutting back on some of Continental Lite’s flight schedules, etc.) were undertaken. Not only that, the company knew very well when and where it was necessary to raise fares. Doing these things as part of the streamlining process could have taken other companies decades to implement. Thanks to Bethune’s vision and strategy, Continental Airlines has taken the necessary and appropriate measures to take the company to greater heights. Understanding the consumers’ real needs and matching product offerings with those identified needs As what Marketing professionals’ mantra goes, marketing is satisfying the consumers’ needs. It makes a whole lot of sense considering that they are the very ones who keep any business alive. Therefore it is crucial to know the market’s needs, wants and motivations. In Bethune’s Fly to Win, Continental Airlines

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