Continental Computer Corporation Essay

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Index Executive summary 1. Introduction 1.1 Purpose 1.2 Problems and their causes 2. Divisions Explained 2.1 Eton Division 2.2 Lampco Division 2.3 Ridge Division 3. Conclusions and Recommendation 3.1 Eton division 1. Job specification 2. Recruitment 3. Company vision and team building 4. Compensation 5. Performance appraisal 6. Marketing and promotions 7. Division restructuring 2. Lampco Division 1. IT Systems Integration 2. Career progression and staff retention 3. R&D outsourcing 4. Job Insecurity 3.3 Ridge division 1. Implement Matrix structure 2. Establish Program management office at…show more content…
2.1 Eton Division 1. Conflict of interest Project Leader is selected by Director of Engineering and could either be a functional manager or a functional employee. The Project leader reports to both his supervisor and informally to the business development manager who tracks the project and conflict occurs 2. Backlog of orders Current backlog of orders amount to a 6 month period. 3. Understaffing at Production facilities R&D engineers are working in production support capacities due to lack of qualified personnel. 4. High staff turnover The current employee turnover rate is 10% per annum for engineers who are below 30 years of age. 5. Miscommunication Conflicts arise due to interdependencies and misunderstandings. Only product line managers are allowed to see customers and engineering and manufacturing are excluded. 6. Salary imbalances Engineers and consultants are earning more than their department managers. 7. Lack of commitments Functional managers are uncommitted to deliver products/goods/services. 2.2 Lampco Division 1. Two sets of accounting books One set is required for government and another one is required for internal control. 2. Multiple IT systems This was a result of the 2 sets of accounting. 3.
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