Continental Drift Theory: Alfred Wegener

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Alfred Wegener gave many facts that help prove his Continental Drift theory. Wegener’s supporting facts include fossil evidence, land features, climate evidence, and sea floor spreading. In the beginning of Wegener’s research to prove his Continental Drift theory, he found clues from fossil evidence from millions of years ago. Different animals, such as the Cynognathus, Lystrasaurus, and Mesosaurus gave proof that the continents have moved. The Cynognathus was a land animal, whose fossils where found in Africa and South America. Another land animal was the Lystrasaurus, whose fossils were found in India, Antarctica, and Africa. Neither the Lystrasaurus nor Cynognathus could travel that great of a distance over water. Also the Lystrasurus lived in warmer climates, and today Antarctica is not a warm climate. The Mesosaurus was a fresh water reptile that was found in fresh water in South America and Africa. The oceans are salt water, so the continents must have been together so the Mesosaurus could walk from lake to lake or pond to pond. Other types of fossils, such as plants, gave climate evidence to support Wegener’s theory. Second, Wegener gave climate evidence to support his Continental Drift theory. The glossopteris is a tropical fern that as found in Antarctica, South America, India, Australia, and Africa. “… Glossopteris grew in temperate climates, the places where fossils had been found were once closer to the equator,” (Tarbuck and Lutgens, 2011). The plant
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