Contingency Management

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Although contingency management has yielded impressive short term results, more research is needed to obtain convincing long term results and evidence that will support the notion that this treatment can sustain long term beneficial results for those with substance abuse issues. There have been issues with patient relapse, particularly in the case of smoking addiction and schemes should be developed in order to combat these relapses and create a more effective intervention programme (Higgins, Silverman and Heil, 2008). More public knowledge is also needed about contingency management as an intervention for addiction as it is not as well-known as other drug counselling or addiction treatments/centres. If more knowledge is distributed about reinforcement and contingency methods, more substance users may come forward for treatment.…show more content…
For example, some clinics may receive donations that can help them fund reinforcement “prizes” for patients or perhaps get small grants to help with costing. An option for clinics is to provide not just money and voucher reinforcements but also other rewards such as lunches out, employment or take home doses of methadone (Petry, 2002). Although there is potential for contingency management based treatment centres to become quite expensive, it may be less expensive and more cost effective than other treatments associated with drug use, for example a stay at the emergency centre in hospital or inpatient stays in hospitals and clinics. In the long run, contingency management treatment centres may greatly reduce the cost of addiction treatment. Furthermore, if these centres become more prevalent and possibly the dominant method of treating addiction and substance abuse, the number of addicts and abusers could greatly decrease further decreasing the cost of treating
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