Contingency Planning

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Contingency Planning
Kimberlea Penney
AIU Online
February 10, 2013
Prof. R. Rodriguez

Contingency planning is an effective back up plan to any situation that requires an alternative course of action for the outcome of a common goal. There are several steps involved in contingency planning and these steps prepare for the strategic planning process to come to full effectiveness for a facility. A full plan for a facility allows for immediate resolutions for managing and addressing the issues as they come into view or if markers are assigned to allow for a sense of prior knowledge.

Contingency Planning When an organization begins to address plans for future development, there is a chance to develop some ideas of what
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This can be where the assessment of capitalization and the estimation of a reduction can be garnered. Readiness maintains lead time. By knowing what is apparent and what to do to counteract the situation keep an organization ahead of the curve. As the competition may be heating up, the organization may be in close trends with growth and opportunity. Implementation requires preparedness. By issuing a gap analysis and action plan can be identified. This may require a change in the standard operating procedures of the organization. With markers and triggers, there can be a development of early warnings and alerts. This can put a giant foothold on the prospects of future developments. Being prepared for events can allow for the logistics and human resources to understand the direct role they must adhere to and allow forward movement of resource mobilization. By training and simulating events, the organization is better prepared for the drastic changes that may come into effect to keep operations running smoothly. This will come to fruition through communications and linkage of departments in a common goal. With a continuous review, there can be changes made to update and evaluate the plan and how it is working. Evaluation can be done in real time and a response can be made that is rational and will avoid panic. By exercising backup plans with practice drills as they are compiled, an organization can identify some shortcomings to better
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