Contingency Theory Of Leadership Analysis

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Based on the contingency theory of leadership there are three strengths I am going to explore. Staying positive is the first. Since contingent management focuses on change and the idea of change, it is highly important to be a leader that withstand that change and show positivity. When faced with adversity being able to see the positive and portray that to a team is a sign of a good leader. In seeing the positive I can take what could be a tough situation and turn it into something good. I believe the glass is half full and that is how I choose to manage. There have been several studies published that state having a positive outlook does in fact increase your odds in almost every situation.
The second strength that I have is the understanding that coaching and mentoring is of upmost importance in the workforce. Everyone wants to know that they are doing a good job. In situational management, I can tailor my coaching to each individual person. What I may recommend for one person will not be the same for
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This theory is not always the best to apply to type of situation. The first are of opportunity I see in myself is in the ability to give and receive feedback. Although speaking to people has not been an issue, it has always been hard to give someone feedback in a direct respectful way. Often, I find myself fixing the work for them or just letting the situation pass without saying anything. This is also true when it comes to hearing feedback about myself. I will go on the defense almost immediately when I feel threatened. This does not show a strong leader. Not giving your employees the proper coaching is not helping to foster their development. Employees need to feel valued and respected. Giving them proper direction and making sure they understand that mistakes are not always bad shows a strong leader. By not doing this I am setting them back from achieving their
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