Contingency Theory Vs Spectrum Health Care

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Spectrum Healthcare does have task driven positions, but the flexibility of such tasks depends on the job. When looking into the tasks that the organization has, it is evident that the extent to which the positions stick strictly to a set of operations is dependent on the job, and the situations at hand. The mechanistic system seems to fit well with how task driven Spectrum Healthcare is, however, it is not a perfect fit. Using Burns and Stalker’s final insight into mechanisms and organic systems (1961), it appears that the organization is more elastic with its differentiation between the type of system. Matching with the mechanisms system, Spectrum Healthcare is built from a vertical hierarchy, there are formalized rules and procedures and…show more content…
Weber discusses the need for a division of labor, formal rules and an authority hierarchy, all functions of mechanistic systems. As discussed earlier, Spectrum Healthcare does contain these attributes, however because providing healthcare requires prognosis and diagnosis, some positions must follow expertise and inclination while stile adhering to the goal, YOU. Thus, similar to the concept of bounded rationality, Spectrum Healthcare uses the a more open and rational systems approach to contingency theory. There differences in the focus, where contingency theory emphasizes more on the structural perspective, bounded rationality adheres more towards the analysis of social-psychology (Willyard, 2015) (Lawrence & Lorsch, 1967). Spectrum Health care use of this approach can be seen in their task operations. Where their therapists and doctors have to deal with the changes in the environment, such as the ailments during certain seasons, different mental conditions that arise or remain consistent. They have contingencies for each protocol, they do not have a set checklist or single task that must be completed besides the goal, which is to focus on the patient and assist them in anyway possible. On the other hand, Weber’s model and the need for rules and regulations, as well as devised tasks, can be seen Spectrum Healthcare’s documentation system, and certain positions such as accounting (Weber, 1946). Overall, the organization has a combination of both an open system and closed
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