Contingency Variable Control Mechanism For Group Companies

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The second purpose of this literature review to a control mechanism for group companies as mentioned before, contingency variable control mechanism: Control of the intensity of the two sides and can influence the best form for the primary rules is to define a framework for the control of each reference to a group of companies controlled by the intensity of the positive related variables. (Chang, Taylor, 1999; Youssef 1975) owned by the degree of measurement in terms of revenue, the assistant to the size, control., Capital and employees (Chang, Taylor, 1999; Egelhoff, 1984; Beechler, 1992 Youssef, 1975) headquartered in the number of investment and resources 'to assist dependence ' level (Beechler, 1992) was owned by a subsidiary of the degree of activation of a control mechanism to be an essential element begins. Control intensity grew by around stock per directly proportional when a control mechanism of activation for this is a necessary but insufficient condition exists, it is to assist large if the benefits and mechanisms of the cost difference between growth and / or will this situation, reduction in the presence of otherwise, economic technical and human resources necessary for companies across the entire network strategy that possesses. The best advantage of control and the cost will depend on more variables that maximize the difference; a control form of the selected resources to assist the agency in proportion to the increase in costs will be due. Various types of

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