Continual Assault on Individual Privacy

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Internet Privacy
The greatest challenge to the legal foundations of the Internet is the continual assault on individual privacy, brought about by continually loosening standards as to how personal data is used, stored and tracked online. Foremost among these threats is the relentless use of personal data from websites, social networks and other online forums where people are coaxed into giving up as much data as possible to support advertising strategy-based business models (Christiansen, 2011). This is the greatest possible threat to individual liberties as it strikes at the core of a person's dignity online and their ability to trust websites they actively engage with and rely on for their work or social lives(Dhillon, Moores, 2001). Facebook is among the most egregious of violators, with a history of being hypocritical in their approach to personal information privacy while building a business model worth many billions of dollars (Chai, Bagchi-Sen, Morrell, Rao, Upadhyaya, 2009).
The Threat To Personal Privacy Online
Despite the many stated policies and programs that the world's best-known Internet sites have for protecting consumer information, it is in reality often sold to marketers or used as the basis for creating marketing services on their own (Dinev, Hart, 2006). Why this is such a threat to the legal foundations of the Internet is that it sets a very real threat of websites being able to collect and sell personal information and get away with
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