Continued Controversy Over the Affordable Care Act

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Even almost four years after the law was passed, it is still a “hot-button issue” for politicians, health providers, business owners, insurers, and patients. There are many challenges to the long-term success of the ACA, but in my opinion, the greatest threat will come from the fact that the American culture has long favored independence and individual choice, with minimum government involvement. This mindset is what led the U.S. to declare independence from Great Britain, and it has even defined the Bill of Rights, which most Americans hold near and dear to their hearts. Many people thus view the ACA as the government getting involved in their health care.
Why do people fear this so much? Many countries, such as England and Canada, have instituted government-led insurance, and have functional healthcare systems with comparable health outcomes to the U.S. However, government-controlled insurance in the U.S. has been limited to the elderly and indigent, through programs such as Medicare, Medicaid, and CHIP. However, even Medicare has its Part C, which enables individual choice in supplemental insurance. Thus, Americans are used to having most of their health insurance come from the private sector—by choice. Shifting to government-mandated insurance is a huge culture shift for Americans. Never before have people been required to have insurance. Programs such as Medicaid were always optional…
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