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Continuing Academic Success Alejandra Ruvalcaba General Education 12/13/14 Pete Medina “Continuing Education Success”, personally I never even thought about this nor about setting educational goals for myself, like obtaining a bachelors in criminal justice to achieve a good paying job. In this class I learned how important it is to make my education a priority so I do not get sidetracked by other things that are also important in my life. Setting educational goals for my academic success is a very important part of education because you have more motivation. Goals can motivate you every day by reminding your mind that you have some sort of a contract with yourself that you have to meet. Goals help us keep focused on what we need to do…show more content…
To me it might seem difficult but it is easier than what I think, it is just a matter of implementing everything I learned in this class. Critical thinking is something I don’t do very often, sometimes I just judge from looking or listening to what I see or hear but this is something I will learn with time. To learn critical thinking I will follow the steps that are required because critical thinking is something we have to learn because we are not born critical thinking. One is identifying what we are talking about. Then we have to gather information about the theme that we are talking about. The next step is to look for evidence and consider alternatives or other people points of view. Sometimes we do not want to accept what other peoples opinion is about something and that is wrong because we might learn from them. Finally we choose the best possible alternative after we have gone thru all this. Using critical thinking will allow you to make better decisions not only in the work place but also in our day to day lives. Maybe one day you will have to make a life changing decision in your job. The resources that I think will help me to be more successful in my education are the online library, the writing center and the syllabus. The online library is very convenient to me because I do not have to go out and look for a library if I do not have time. Sometimes having three kids does not give me time to go out and look for a library. The writing center is one of

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