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Continuing Academic Success GEN/201 Continuing Academic Success Achieving success is something that many consider to be difficult, sometimes too difficult to be worth even trying. But there are many tools and processes available to help people be successful. By knowing what these tools and processes are, students are able to achieve not only academic success, but also be successful in many other areas of their lives. Setting goals is an important step in achieving success. By recognizing your goals, a person is able to comprehend what is truly important to them. Setting specific goals, rather than general goals, encourages people to work harder to obtain their goals. A few important factors in setting goals include tracking…show more content…
Completing the Bachelor program at the University of Phoenix will enable me to have the education required to obtain the position I seek. There are many useful resources at the university that will help me complete my program. Of these resources, the ones I plan on using the most are the career resources and the University Library, specifically the Center for Writing Excellence. Career resources helps students determine what career they are best suited for and helps them to search for jobs within their chosen profession. The University Library offers many resources for researching, studying, and improving writing and math skills. The Center for Writing Excellence offers help with grammar, spelling, formatting papers, and various other aspects of writing in order to improve students writing knowledge and skills, which is an important part of life that goes beyond school. The writing process is not only important for academic success, but is something that is also used in professional, political, religious, familial, and many other areas of life. Knowing how to write in a way that will convey your thoughts and ideas to other people so that they may accurately comprehend what you are saying is vital to maintaining personal and professional relationships. Another helpful resource the Center for Writing Excellence offers is the capability to research topics by narrowing

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