Continuing Academic Success Essay

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Continuing Academic Success
Keyaria Tompkins
September 22, 2014
Maureen Parker

Continuing Academic Success
Of course everyone wants to be successful! It takes 100% of effort and determination to be successful. Maintaining believable goals keeps you on track for the road of success. If you keep your goals in mind, you will not astray from them. Achieving goals that you have set for yourself is your responsibility. It is easy to get distracted from your academic goals, if they are not maintained on a daily basis. Continuing academic success has helped numerous of students succeed. Continuing academic success means to have an advantage by resuming academic growth in an educational environment. Success
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A goal is the object or aim of an action, for example, to attain a specific standard of proficiency, usually within a specified time limit. As industrial-organizational psychologists, our primary interest has been to predict, explain, and influence performance on organizational or work-related tasks. Thus, we focused on the relationship between conscious performance goals and level of task performance rather than on discrete intentions to take specific actions (e. g. , to apply to graduate school, to get a medical examination). According to Dobbins, Pettman, 1997, Set Goals It’s mandatory to set goals, so that you can be successful. Goal setting can help an individual tremendously because they can set short term goals and accomplish them. I have many goals, dreams and aspirations… My lifetime goal is to become a CEO of a 500 fortune company 10 years from now. Setting short term goals can help me achieve my long term goals and get closer to my dreams. Setting goals can also give me a peace of mind and keep me focused . Time management gives you the opportunity to get a lot done throughout the day. Eventually you will be able to accomplish small to larger tasks.
Setting goals and managing time, you would surely achieve your set goals. Skills that you learn daily from school or your personal life can be used as transferable skills that will help you advance at being successful. We know that success is derived

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