Continuing Academic Success Essay

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Continuing Academic Success
When looking at continuing academic success one must make several critical decisions; chose if continuing going to school is the right choice for them. Most of the time when people come to that decision, they come to realize several things. That it is important to continue academic success because it helps you set goals for your academic success, helps you strengthen your learning style, and there are so many sources out there to help you succeed. When one makes that first step in continuing their academic success; it becomes clearer and clearer how important it is to further yourself in academic success. One can benefit so much from going back to school or even just continuing any academic journey.
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Also, they would see how their ethics our tested and how others’ ethics is truly different than theirs. After getting the information from the ethical lens inventory, I feel I am more aware of how everyone does not think the same or have the same ethics as I do. I will be more caution when coming to a conclusion when working with others. Furthermore, I will try to improve more on my critical thinking skills rather than just dive right into a project, I will use the steps I learned in the critical thinking exercise. Lastly everyone that continues their education would benefit tremendously from being able to make many goals, and some may even learn how to make bigger goals than they ever imagine. If everyone would stop and think how goal setting is such an amazing tool to know and have; they would be amazed at the results after accomplishing just one goal.
Goal setting is a major part of everyone's life because it gives people something to strive for in their everyday life. Take continuing your education as one of your main goals; that is the first little goal to reach your overall goal. Everyone should try to have a ton of little goals to reach that one huge desired goal in life. Whether it be continuing your education or even just to succeed in whatever a person is doing in their life. The results may vary maybe even the time frame of the goals one is trying to reach may be longer than others.

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