Continuing Academic Success

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CONTINUING ACADEMIC SUCCESS Dale Ray Blackard GEN/201 5/23/2016 Laticia Dezell Continued Academic Success Continuing academic success opens opportunities for advancement and increases monetary value based upon transferred knowledge. Education promotes a person as a dedicated person that does the necessary actions to accomplish the personal preference of the goal desired. One who exemplifies this internal drive receives advancements in the work place. Promotions and added responsibilities are usually given to this type of person. This drive for improvements does not stop at work. This person usually has a very nice home life. The advancements in the home life are shown in the materialistic things such as the clothes you wear and the…show more content…
In my social life I need to understand that all things are not perfect and neither am I. Situations can be resolved with different types of solutions and I need to be open to those different types of solutions. I must revert back to critical thinking and evaluate carefully and truthfully to find that solution. I need to learn to be a balance thinker. Leading with ethical thinking can hinder the critical thinking method. Critical Thinking Skills There are six steps in the critical thinking process. Each step of the critical thinking method poses questions which encourages the individual to dig deeper into the subject to discover the answer needed to enhance their understanding of the subject. This type of thinking process opens the possibilities of many different levels of understanding on the subject matter providing information that joins together to form a new way of seeing the text. It is the process of gathering evidence to seek a resolution. In learning my critical thinking traits, I have discovered that I need to get the facts together and evaluate them based on my ethical characteristics. This process of thinking has directed me to understand that things have to be understood and communicated correctly in order to paint the picture of information that I want others to see or hear. This plays an important part in my professional life. When preparing for presentations or work reports, all data needs to be analyzed and

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