Continuing Academic Sucess

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Continuing Academic Success Students can ensure their academic success by knowing the benefits of setting goals, knowing available resources, and by knowing the writing process, and maintaining academic integrity. Benefits of setting goals Setting goals help increase your motivation by creating a positive climate. They help you plan and gain control over your future and they also add challenge and purpose to your life. Goals also provide a sense of accomplishment. By setting goals you put more focus on the results which make you work smarter not harder, and they reduce stress and add meaning to your life (Milne, 2001, para.). Educational goals are very important to have when thinking of school or even while you are in school. “By…show more content…
It even provides a search for employment and finding the additional training necessary for pursuing a career. The website also provides career counseling for career-seekers ("National Career Development Association", 2014). For me, I would look at the job service ND website for different career options open in ND. The writing process “Writing is an extremely versatile tool that can be used to accomplish a variety of goals (Graham, 2006). It provides a medium for maintaining personal links with family, friends, and colleagues, even when we are unable to be with them. People use writing to create imagined worlds, tell stories, share information, explore who they are, combat loneliness, and chronicle their experiences. In fact, writing about one’s feelings and experiences can be beneficial psychologically and physiologically” (Graham, Gillespie, & Mckeown, 2013). Writing skills are a very valuable asset to have. How you write can say a lot about a person when looking for a career. Misspelling and incorrect grammar can make or break a resume and very much cost you the job of your dreams. Writing is also very important in your educational success. Graham and Herbert review two advantages of writing. The first is that teaching writing has a positive impact on how

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