Continuing Education

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Gen 201
September 22, 2014

Continuing Education
In order to be successful in my education one of the most helpful things to understand is what learning style I possess. I believe it is also important for me to set goals, be aware of my learning style and utilize all of my educational resources and support systems. Learning the material in a way that I can apply it in real life is also key to considering myself educated.
My writing style is doing or active experimentation. Active Experimentation is defined as; indicates your preference for applying ideas, using trial and error, and practicing what you learn, you probably enjoy hands-on activities that allow you to test out ideas to see what works. This helps me learn because when I
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The online library provided by the university is very useful when I need different kinds of information on a topic. My family member help me reach my goals by encouraging me and helping me understand things as well. If I am having trouble with my homework or do not understand something, they can usually help me understand it.
Applying the material to real life is also vital to my success not only during, but after school. Without the ability to use my critical thinking to apply theories to real life, I will not be able to effectively teach children.
While using information other people have already gathered is very useful when researching and learning about new things, I believe it is important to do so in an honest way. Whenever I use somebody else’s work, I am always careful to give them the credit they deserve. My ethical lens is the relationship and reputation lens. This is defined as follows; you balance your reasoning skills (rationality) and your intuition (sensibility) to determine what processes, systems, character traits and virtues will best serve the community by assuring fairness and justice for all (equality). This ethical lens can greatly affect my decision making because I feel the need to put others feelings above my own. A double edged sword really because it is very hard to make every person involved in a situation happy all at the same time. I usually always end up not considering how the
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