Continuity Of A Business Continuity Manager

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Continuity Planning Overview A business continuity manager (BCM) is in charge of creating plans to keep a company functioning after disruptive events such as natural disasters, terrorism, crime and computer and human error (Perez, 2008). A BCM also conducts a detailed, companywide business impact analysis and risk assessment that includes IT systems. Organizations that do not conduct comprehensive business impact analyses and draft detailed business continuity plans could be in violation of regulations, especially in industries like finance (Perez, 2008). “Plus, being unprepared in the event of a major disruption is simply bad for business. Companies have also had to expose their IT systems to the outside world via the Web, which creates …show more content…
You may be thinking, we have insurance and there is no time to develop a business continuity plan. A business continuity plan protects the business from the loss of customers, market share, and setbacks in development that may occur as a result of a disaster happening. “Time spent developing and maintaining a business continuity plan is an investment in your company. Your fixed costs will continue after an event, whether or not you are open for business. The faster you can return your operations to normal, the more likely you will recover from the event successfully. With so much at stake, your company cannot afford to not have a plan (“Why is Business Continuity Important?”, n.d.).” A lot of businesses do not reopen after a major event has occurred. Honestly, it doesn’t take a major event to shut some businesses down, minor disruptions can also cause significant damage. The loss of computer data is a major problem when natural disasters happen. There are things we can control in life according to the decisions we make and I think utilizing a business continuity plan would be very beneficial for this company.
In order to start this initiative, the first four high-level activities that are required for this process are preparing a task force, conducting a business impact analysis, conducting a cost benefit analysis, and designing and developing the BCP. When preparing a task force, it’s important to keep in mind that the team preparing

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