Continuity Theory of Adult Aging Essay

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Looking at B. D. you would never know her strength. If you were generous you could say she was five feet tall, her face wrapped in leathery skin, and pepper gray hair sitting rather untamed on her head. Do not be mistaken, though, for B. D. has endured many hardships and has overcome them all. She is part Mexican, part Apache, and the mother of seventeen children, and one stepdaughter. She was the wife to a World War II Veteran, and the sole caregiver for a daughter paralyzed by spina bifida. At the age of eighty two B. D. is still very cognizant. Life Story B. D. was born in El Paso, Texas in 1927, to a ranching family of eight. Her father was Apache and her mother was Mexican. She tells, rather affectionately, of her…show more content…
B. D. was very old fashioned in her way of thinking: she felt that women should obey the men in their lives, and did not feel that pursuing an education was necessary for it was their job to stay home and care for their husbands and children. An education would be a waste of time for her daughters. B. D. also had very strong ties to the church and insisted that her children volunteer much of their time to helping out at the church. The girls were to make blankets, cook meals and sew clothes that would be sent to the church. Anything that could be spared was sent to the church. They also never missed mass, and were expected to learn all the prayers and sing all the songs. B. D. was a valued asset to the church and recalls many fond memories spent there. B. D. really grew and learned a lot about herself when she gave birth to a daughter with spina bifida. Her daughter S. D. was born in a hospital run by nuns and was not given much of a chance to survive. Instead the nuns urged B. D. to leave her daughter there, they would care for her as she slowly passed away. B. D. was appalled by such an idea and insisted on taking her daughter home. The spina bifida presented itself as a blister on S. D.'s lower back which continued to grow and swell up until it resembled "a turtles shell." B. D. took her daughter to a doctor who told her that her spine had not formed properly and that surgical intervention was required to allow the spinal

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