Continuity of Parks Essay

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The following passage from Continuity of Parks by Julio Cortazar reveals that the man reading the book and the character in the book are one and the same. This passage also has many symbolisms suggesting that not only was his death was inevitable but that as the man is reaching the end of his book, his life is also reaching its end:

He tasted the almost perverse pleasure of disengaging himself line by line from the things around him, and at the same time feeling his head rest comfortably on the green velvet of the chair with its high back, sensing that the cigarettes rested within reach of his hand, that beyond the great windows the air of afternoon danced under the oak trees in the park. Word by word, licked up by the sordid dilemma
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In fact, he, the man reading the book is so perceptive of his environment because he is able to draw a parallel to the character in the book, such as the knowledge of the affair between his wife's and her lover, and their plans to slay him.

The man's enjoyment of having "his head rest comfortably" and his cigerattes within reach also seem to suggest that he is taking comfort in the last moments of his life. Earlier in his story Cortazar said, "That afternoon, after writing a letter giving his power of attorney and discussing a matter of joint ownership with the manager of his estate...," which demonstrates that he knew of the affair between his wife and her lover. Unless the married couple was having troubles in their marriage, it is odd that one of the partners is discussing their estate with an attorney, presumably without the knowledge of the other partner. The word, "final," from earlier in the story of Continuity of Parks, ."..and set to reading the final chapters," foretells that he will be witnessing his final chapters of life as the character from the book. Again, the term, "final," in the statement .".. to the final encounter in the mountain cabin," prognosticate that he will be stumbling upon his final breath of air, of his life. As the book is coming to an end, so is his life.

It is also important to note that though there are only two sentences in this passage, the sentences are so long-drawn-out. The
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