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Continuum of Care: Home Health Care This paper will explain the components of the Home Health Care delivery system of continuum. The reader will be able to understand some of the services provided by the home health care system and how they fit into the continuum of care. It will give details on how the entity does or does not contribute to the overall management of healthcare resources. In conclusion, it will examine the future trends of health care and discuss how the home health services will be impacted or have a need to change to meet future trends. The continuum of home health care pertains to the diversity of health care services rendered for the existence of a person’s life. Home health care organizations offer nursing…show more content…
Each staff member should display a high echelon of outstanding care due to their impressionable experience levels and infinite amount of training. The majority of them will have advanced credentials in specialty areas. The nurses and other staff members emphasize family and patient education to increase the possibility of independence. The Clinical Staff Executive Committee provides clinical supervision and ensures the staff works hard to keep up the excellent reputation and provide patients superb quality of care. This is accomplished by supporting and encouraging staff to engage in continuing education and ongoing in - service programs. Continuum of care staff uses national therapy standards and guidelines to help the patient manage specific diseases. The program should be able to instruct patients and their caregivers how to self manage their diseases. The goal of the Continuum of care is to avoid unnecessary hospitalization. Most agencies are focused on Heart Failure, Diabetes, Incontinence, COPD, rehabilitation, psychiatric nursing, wound care and after surgery care. Continuum of care therapy program is designed to improve self care, problems with mobility, communication, pain and even swallowing management. Eligibility and coverage of continuum home health care services is based upon who is paying for

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