Contraband in Prison

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Each day in America, some of the most innovative minds are kept sealed in a box up to twenty-three hours a day, receiving only the minimum of basic human needs. Inmates have become some of the most notoriously ingenious visionaries in the modern world. From smuggling components into a facility to creating weapons made from paper, these individuals are constantly finding new ways to exploit the system to their benefit. Though there is seemingly an infinite amount of different types of contraband, the most commonplace items seized are drugs, tattooing equipment, electronics, and weapons. Contraband, as defined by US Legal, refers to property that is illegal to possess or transport. The Arizona Revised Statues define the
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Ceasar can do in a matter of minutes what it would take a guard an hour to complete. In just one day, Ceasar found an object that appeared to be a watch, but was actually a phone. He also found a fan that had been equipped to charge a cell phone.
Cell phones smuggled into prisons are the fastest growing form of prison contraband, posing a danger that extends beyond prison walls. The GEO Group is implementing a new application of patented high-tech equipment for detecting and locating hidden contraband cellular phones. The equipment, the ORION Non-Linear Junction Detector (NLJD) manufactured by REI in Algood, Tennessee, responds to electronic components, allowing the user to detect and locate electronic items (such as hidden cellular phones), even if the electronic item is turned off or not transmitting. This technology offers a working solution for correctional facilities to manage contraband cell phones. (Estevez & Gutierrez, 2011)
The GEO Group initially tested an ORION NLJD in Florida and Pennsylvania, successfully locating and detecting cellular phones as well as other types of electronic contraband. Subsequently, the GEO Group organized an exercise with REI in Tennessee in a local correctional facility, training several GEO Group field officers to deploy the ORION at several GEO facilities across the United Sates. (Jones, 2007)

TATOOS Prison tattooing is fairly common in the correctional system today. Inmates

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