Contraception Coverage Of The Affordable Health Care Act

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Contraception Coverage in the Affordable Health Care Act

Angel N. Cawthon

Kilgore College

Author Note

Not all of the following information came directly from me but will be cited for the research I have done.


One of the biggest complaints in healthcare is the rising costs.2 In many articles, people complain the healthcare costs have increased significantly and feel that is a direct result of the Affordable Health Care Act. Also, they feel that the cost of implementing the Act itself is way more than what was originally budgeted. Another problem discussed was the government 's role in the making of the Affordable Health Care Act. Many people feel that in the past, the government has made decisions that were geared more toward politics than effectiveness. So in the long run, we spent more money making changes to things that didn 't need to be fixed or fixing something that was not done right the first time. One of the other concerns, who is affected? Who has to pay? Middle class and up is the answer. Wealthy people are getting taxed he most and some do not feel it is fair, because they are the ones who own businesses and create jobs for others.

Clear Problem Definition

History of the problem. There are many other criticisms for the healthcare reform, but as you can tell, one of the biggest concerns is the cost and effectiveness.5 Since the early 20th century, the health insurance reform has been a political debate in the United States and
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