Contraceptive Use And The Condom

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The Guttmacher Institute provides statistics based on reliable research regarding sexual and reproductive heath while promoting sexual and reproductive health and rights in the United States and around the world (2016). I searched the website and read the research and statistics about contraception in the United States. It provided considerable information concerning contraception, information that I knew prior to this course, as well as new and surprising information. The Guttmacher Institute gave detailed information about the effectiveness of different types of contraceptives. The pill is the most widely used form of contraceptive (2016). The Guttmacher Institute website gives the demographics of women using contraceptives. Women of all religious, non-religious, childbearing ages, and ethnicities use contraceptives. It talks about teen contraceptive use and the condom being the most common method used by both teenage males and females. The Guttmacher Institute also presents the benefits of contraceptive use. Some of the benefits include: reducing the risk of unplanned pregnancy, being able to decide when and how many children to have, as well as providing wellbeing benefits to mothers and babies (2016). I did have some, yet limited, knowledge about contraceptives before this class. I understood that contraceptives could be useful in preventing unwanted pregnancies. Not all women who use contraceptives do so for preventing unwanted pregnancies. It can also be used to
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