Contract Analysis Essay

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Contract Analysis BUSI 561 – Spring D Emerald Jones I would continue doing business with Marshall as long as we come to an agreement on a new contract. This understanding will provide us clarity on this partnership we are going to continue to have while doing business. Marshall is a good person and I would like to see his company continue to flourish as well as his spirituality. However if Marshall does not agree with the terms of a new contract business between us will cease. There are risks involved with discontinuing business with Marshall as he may file a lawsuit against me for various reasons. If it comes to that some legal defense I may have include; covenants of good faith, minor’s capacity to contract and fraud in the…show more content…
In the month preceding my son signing the contract he then turned 18, in which I was still unaware of the contract in standing. This in turn leads to grounds of fraud in the execution of a contract. As defined by Merriam Webster Dictionary fraud is “any act, expression, omission, or concealment calculated to deceive another to his or her disadvantage” (Merriam Webster Dictionary). I feel by giving my son the contract instead of me, Marshall was concealing his intentions and has ulterior motives aware that I had no knowledge of it. Otherwise I feel he would have given it to me personally and not my son in the first place. My son is a part-time employee and not the designated decision maker for the company. Every prior agreement that was made was done solely between Marshall and myself. Why would he now out of nowhere give my son who he has never made previous agreements with a contract to sign on my behalf? There could be something within Marshall’s contract that I as the company’s decision maker do not agree with. Marshall’s contract was given fraudulently he stated this contract was “just a formality” however the contract should have been reviewed and signed by me. The legal causes of actions Marshall may bring against my company include; Section 2-306
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