Contract Between Adam Cmar And Summer Lynn

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This agreement, made on August 1, 2015, to begin on September 1, 2015 between Adam Cmar and Summer-Lynn Cmar,(going forward stated as Adam & Summer-Lynn or “Landlord(s)”), and Paul Eric Tickle,(going forward stated as Eric or “Roommate(s)”) Melanie Margaret Tickle,(going forward stated as Melanie or “Roommate(s)”) this agreement poses as witnesses that Adam & Summer-Lynn have agreed to provide 2 ROOMS to Melanie & Eric Tickle, along with their son, Jeremiah, and the “Tenant(s)” have agreed to receive both rooms from Adam & Summer-Lynn at 25 Wells Ct, in the City of Rocky Point, North Carolina, to be occupied as a strictly private dwelling space by the above named individual and no other persons. This Roommate Agreement is a legal and…show more content…
4. Rent. Eric and Melanie Tickle, hereby covenants and agrees to pay Adam & Summer-Lynn the rent of the agreement that are stated below in equal monthly or weekly payments in advance by the first day of each and every calendar month during the agreement to Adam or Summer-Lynn Cmar at 25 Wells Ct Rocky Point, NC 28457. Cash is preferred, but if paying with check, please make checks payable to Adam or Summer-Lynn Cmar. BREAK DOWN OF HOW ADAM & SUMMER-LYNN FIGURED UP MONTHLY RENT: Mortgage Payment of House: $800/mo Internet: $80/mo Average Expected Water Bill: $100/mo Satellite: $80/mo Average Expected Power Bill: $300/mo **All numbers were averaged and high balled to help with any fluctuation** Lump Sum Average of $1,360.00, divided by 2 (2 families of 2 adults and one child each), equals $680.00. (This is where the $620.00/mo came from and we deducted $60.00/mo due to Melanie’s assistance with the children.) Rent is due by the 1st of each month. A finance charge of up to 10% ($62.50) of rent not paid will be automatically charged to the Roommates account after the tenth day of the month unless extension is approved by Adam & Summer-Lynn. Page 1 of 4 In the event that Eric or Melanie Tickle should break this agreement without the written permission of Adam & Summer-Lynn, the unpaid rent for the remainder of the month will become immediately due and owed to Adam & Summer-Lynn.
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