Contract Food Service Providers And Vending Machine Operating Companies

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1.4.2 Secondary Distribution channel
Contract Food Service Providers & Vending Machine Operating Companies
Since we will be targeting office workers, it will be important that Crescent Pure is stocked in the vending machines in most large offices. Availability of Crescent Pure at breakrooms of large corporations will give it a significant foothold in corporate America.
Companies such as Compass (and its subsidiary Canteen), Sodexo and Aramark will help us reach inside large office buildings and grow on word of mouth publicity. We want Crescent pure to become the choice of beverage for corporate meetings.
Additionally we should also explore tie-ups with online ordering and restaurant food delivery services for companies such as which have a significant presence in California.

Our advertising budget will be stretched in targeting a wide segment of customers. Hence we would require a viral campaign in the initial two months to sustain the brand on reduced advertisement for remaining 10 months. If we manage to create an initial buzz, the sales would increase on word of mouth publicity and sustained inputs from our marketing campaign.
1.5.1 Radio

Radio is one of the most cost effective means of reaching our target segment. The weekly reach of radio for people between the age group is 93.3% (Arbitron, 2012). We can combine the reach wide reach of radio with specific granular advertising to create a wider impact.
Radio will be used…
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