Contract Laws in Australia

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(i) Focussing only on the contract law issues raised by these facts please advice Joseph and Adcom Pty Ltd as to what legal rights follow from the above mentioned facts. All Australians are affected by the Contract laws starting from buying a sandwich to selling a house, hiring contractor for any function or getting engaged in a joint venture. The enforcement of promise is governed by the general rules of Contract Law. Now these rules of contract laws are normally derived from the decisions made by judges in different court cases which are further known as ‘Case Law’ or Legislation. All type of agreements comes under these rules: Commercial deal between two business groups, purchase/sale of a property; all are governed by the rules of contract law. Understanding contract- An agreement made between two or more parties which are intended to be legally enforced is termed as contract. When one party makes an offer to the other party and the other party shows an intention to accept it; the contract arises. Contracts can be documented or oral and parties can enter into a contract in different ways - > By signing a document > Providing agreement over the phone > Submitting agree option on the web page. Understanding “Standard Form Contract”- This is the type of contract which is used majorly in today’s scenario and many unfair practices arise due to this contract form. There is no specific definition provided by unfair contract terms for “standard form contract”. In a broad
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