Contract Monitoring Paper

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Monitoring Definition Contract monitoring is the systematic review of a contractor’s records, activities, etc. to ensure compliance with the terms and conditions of the contract (Texas HHSC 2015). Because privatization aims to provide the government with the best value in terms of quality, service, and conditions, contracting does not end after the procurement process (Schooner 2011, 3). The administration of the contract, including monitoring, is just as important to ensuring that the state gets the best value. Despite the fact that there is a clear contract monitoring process within HHS, time is not always invested into developing a comprehensive monitoring approach and funds are not always allocated towards that process, preventing agencies…show more content…
Because each agency must develop their own score thresholds indicating whether a contract is high-, medium-, or low-risk, the term “high-risk” differs for each department. Under this risk-assessment process, low-risk contracts are still monitored, but not to the same extent as the high-risk ones. Contracts deemed high-risk are monitored on a more thorough, consistent basis than other…show more content…
The department is using privatization to address longstanding foster care issues, such as the concern for children’s safety in their foster placements (Texas State Legislature 2011). However, Texas’ foster care privatization is not maximizing its effectiveness—in terms of addressing the issues that the bill sought to resolve—due to a lack of investment in contract monitoring and not factoring in contract monitoring costs. Furthermore, DFPS is currently transitioning from its previous single-source, contracting system to a new multi-source system, Foster Care Redesign (Sunset Advisory Commission 2014, 46). Since there is no set timeline for when the transition is supposed to be complete, the challenge is two-fold: ensuring that children in the process of transitioning from one system to another are not overlooked during the transition and ensuring that contract monitoring of both of these systems occurs simultaneously (Sunset Advisory Commission 2014,
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