Contract and Event Management

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Task 1 answer Diversity of sectors Hospitality industry includes a range of businesses that relates to provision of products and services. It is a multi-billion dollar industry that depends on leisure and disposable income. There are several sectors under the term hospitality industry which are as the following: 1. Hotels 2. Restaurants 3. Contract services 4. Pubs, Bars, casinos and nightclubs 5. Event A hotel is a place that has rooms in which people can stay when they are traveling where they can get food, shelter and other services. Hotels are divided into several categories such as boutique hotel, business hotel and motels. It is also classified into different star-rating, usually from one to five stars when one…show more content…
Customers usually order food on the counter and take it to the table to dine-in. The menu in a fast casual restaurant contain various types of food such as Chinese, Indian or Mexican. Fine dining restaurants are fancy in which their menus give detail information on the food and the prices are usually expensive. The surrounding of fine-dining restaurants is filled with classy and elegance design. Some of the fine dining restaurants may require the customers to wear a proper clothing, some may not. The customers are also required to book the tables before coming to the restaurant. The cooks are usually hired from culinary art school, or people who have a lot of experience in running a fine-dining restaurant. The meals are expensive but the customers do not mind paying expensive prices because of the perceived value from eating at the fine-dining restaurant. Casual dining restaurants are quite similar to fast-casual dining which the only difference is – it has a table-service. The environment of the restaurant is suitable for a family to dine in. The prices are more expensive than fast-casual dining, but cheaper than fine-dining restaurant. The restaurants have waiters or waitresses to take customers’ order and serve the food. The hospitality industry is represented in every country in the world and is diverse and complex. It
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