Contract and Purchase Negotiations

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Within the firm, an increased emphasis is placed on the importance of the website maintenance and we constantly need to invest in technicians and infrastructure. Recently, it has been noted by our IT staff that the computers run slower and need an upgrade. In such a setting, it is possible for me to be delegated to negotiate the acquisition of the new computers for our team.
The first step in this sense would be represented by the gathering of the negotiation team. It will be essential for the negotiation team to be formed from at least two staff members with expertise directly necessary in the context of this negotiation. These two staffs include:
-A technical employee who knows the technicalities of the purchase, such as the number of the computers needed by the firm, the quality and functionality of the computers, requirements and technical expectations of the software engineers, demands of the organizational system and network and so on
-A financial employee who can establish a budget for the purchase and approve the terms of the negotiation based on the financial criterion. The budget would be established based on available resources of the company and would also be influenced by the previous purchases of the company.
Aside from these two staffs, the negotiation team will…
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