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Entering and contracting
Entering and contracting are the initial steps taken in the OD process, and is considered by many as one the most important steps of the process. The entering and contracting step will be utilized to set the pace and lay the foundation for the practitioner client relationship. They involve a preliminary evaluation of the organization’s opportunities for development, while establishing a collaborative relationship between the OD practitioner and the members of the client system. A major component of entering and contracting is to make a good decision about how to carry out the OD process. The contract allows the parties involved to explicitly set the direction of the project and how the process will take place.
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In order to effectively carry out the collection duties, the OD practitioner must have already established a foundational relationship
Data collection is important because it is one of the initial opportunities for the OD practitioner to interface and work with the entire client system. This will also be where the OD practitioner begins to personally experience the organizational problems.


Diagnosing organizations is the first major milestone on the road to organizational recovery. When done well, it clearly points the organization and the OD practitioner toward a set of appropriate intervention activities that will improve organization effectiveness. Diagnosis is the process of understanding a system’s current functioning and taking the pertinent data collected about the current operations, analyzing it and drawing conclusions for potential improvement. When done effectively, diagnosing provides a systematic knowledge of the organization needed to design the needed interventions. In the diagnostic and data phases, we get justification on behalf of the OD practitioner for the in following areas:
1.     The reasoning behind why colleting, analyzing diagnosing data is mission critical
2.     Clarification of who hire the OD practitioner and why we should trust each other.
3.     How we can help each
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