Essay about Contrast Effective Biblical Counseling Concepts

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In order for Biblical counseling to be effective, a counselor must be completely prepared to work in the ministry of helping others. Beyond the worldly challenges, a Christian counselor also faces humanistic therapeutic false views of secular therapy. Christian counselors maintain a focal point in guiding people to living a life that is full of spiritual richness and maturity. Yet, secular therapist focuses on self-gratification and self-actualization. As Christian ministry helpers, you must be living by the truth and exemplify a Christ-centered life. Crabb (1977) developed a counseling model that teaches us how to develop individualized life maps that will guide people to spiritual growth, maturity, and a long-lived Christ-centered…show more content…
In contrast with Crabb (1977), for many years secular therapist that denied that religious therapy are not ethically correct and have no impact on a person’s self-value and actualization. Secular therapists consider themselves as a separate entity from faith-based counseling. For many years, traditional secular therapist used the rational emotive behavior therapy (REBT) developed by Albert Ellis (Johnson, W. B., Ridley, C. R., & Nielsen, S. L. (2000), which originated as a non-religious treatment. Ellis believed that religion offered negative implications to people and falsely represent that if you believed in God everything would be perfect. When people experienced struggles, they became highly depressed and questioned religion beliefs. There are other forms of secular therapy that struggle with ethically using any form of religious-therapy, such as Rogers’ Client-Centered Therapy (RCCT) and Cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT). RCCT focuses on humanistic doctrine, a system where human interests, values, and dignity predominates the unashamed man-centered life with no room for a personal God. The happiness of the client is the ultimate goal. The article Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy explains, “Cognitive therapy helps people recognize and change self-defeating though patterns, and behavioral therapy helps people identify and change maladaptive behaviors. Used as a treatment for
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