Contrast Essay Between essays Just Take Away Thier Guns and I Want A Wife

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"Just Take Away Their Guns" is an effective argument than "I Want a Wife." James Wilson gives a more factual, organizational and better language used argument than Judy Brady.
In "I Want a Wife" Brady is stereotypical of what she believes to be the roles of the husband and wife. Also Brady's essay is one sided, she never states a side that would argue her viewpoint. While Wilson shows two clearly stated sides of his argument. The first reason as to why ?Just Take Away Their Guns? is more effective is because the essay has more specifics and facts that can?t be refutable. The president wants more gun control but the public says the laws will fail who is right? And in deciding who is right will any of our amendments be taken away
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He is correct in his statement. Based on a household survey, Gary Kleck, a criminologist, has estimated that every year, guns are used - that is, displayed or fired ? for defensive purposes more than a million times, not counting their use by the police. If his number is correct, Wilson states that the number of people who defend themselves with a gun exceeds the number of arrests for violent crimes and burglaries. The main goal to keep in mind is that we should try to find a way to cut back on how guns are used illegally. Wilson says that one way to cut back on the illegal gun use and gun-carrying is to have the police frisk people. The fourth amendment clearly bans all ?unreasonable searches and seizures?, but the police can get around this, if they have ?reasonable suspicion?. Who is to say their suspicion is any more different than ours? Just because they think their more knowledgeable in deciding if something is wrong. Wilson tells us that the police have certain codes which must be followed in order to make an arrest or to frisk someone. People who flee at the approach of an officer, a person who fits a drug carrier profile, a motorist stopped for a traffic violation who has a suspicious bulge in his pocket, a suspect identified by a reliable informant carrying a hand gun. Who to say that these codes are even good codes? What if I was jogging to a street corner and it was my usual spot where I would turn around and run back to my house, but

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