Contrast the Life of the Heian-Era Courtier with That of the Kamakura Samurai.

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1. Compare and contrast Medieval Europe with Medieval Japan using examples from three levels of society. • The feudal system of Japan and the feudal system of Europe shared similar structures and values. • The two feudal systems differed in many ways. These differences can be seen in the areas of religion, literature, and the role of women. • The impact of both Japanese and European feudalism is still felt today. ESSENTIAL QUESTION What similarities did the feudal societies in Europe and Japan share? Japanese and European feudalism shared a number of similarities—both in political structure and in social values. Two Feudal Systems Both the European and Japanese feudal systems developed as a result of a weak central government.…show more content…
The woman’s father and future husband often made this decision. In addition, women were expected to stay at home. They were trained in household chores, such as sewing, spinning, weaving, and farming. Women in Japan Women in feudal Japanese society enjoyed more equal status with men. In samurai families, women were allowed to inherit part of the family’s estate. Women could also join Buddhist convents. In addition, they were expected to live up to the values of honor and courage. Often women were trained in the martial arts. In fact, some women became samurai and fought alongside their husbands. Gradually, however, the role of women became more restricted. Europe: Political Economic Social • Kings and large landowners rule in place of central governments. • Most people live and work in a rural setting on farms or manors. • Manors provide residents with much of what they need and become the center of economic and social life. • Society becomes highly structured, with kings at the top followed by nobles, knights, and peasants. • Age of chivalry emerges as knights become highly valued and respected for their loyalty and military

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