Contrasting Plant-Based Foods: Genetically Modified Foods

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Contrasting Plant-Based Foods: Genetically Modified Foods and Organic Foods This paper begins by providing key information and terms to provide a basic understanding of concepts between organic foods and genetically engineered foods, often known as genetically modified organisms (GMOs). Any organism or microorganism which is genetically engineered is referred to as a GMO. In today’s modern world, scientists are most commonly using this technology in agriculture to pinpoint genes, isolate them, and then manipulating these genes to create crops with predetermined traits. This type of engineering in plant-based foods, stems from a desire to create foods which do not occur organically in nature. The term “organic foods”, directly describes…show more content…
According to Huber, Rembialkowska, Srednicka, Vijver (2011), a large-scale study named PARSIFAL concluded: children, which consumed organic foods (regularly) showed lower allergenic rates as well as healthier body weights when compared to traditional or engineered foods (Huber, Rembialkowska, Srednicka, Vijver 2011). With further research, other positive results and decreased risks are discovered; specifically, a study produced by Princeton revealed that consuming organic foods lowered risks from chemical contamination, supplemental hormones, and antibiotic risks (“Greening Princeton”, n.d.). In contrast to consuming GMO produced foods, consuming organic foods are associated with a decreased risk of side effects and produced more benefits from consumption. These positive results help solidify the argument that these foods have very different health effects; additionally, it could be concluded that consuming organic plant-based foods is a safer, and healthier option over consuming engineered foods. Regulatory control (labeling) is more stringent towards organic foods compared to engineered foods. First, we will examine the FDA’s current labeling policy in regards to GMOs in plant-derived foods. Secondly, we will examine the FDA’s current regulatory guidance in regards to plant-derived organic foods. Currently, the FDA has a voluntary labeling policy for all manufacturers of GMOs in plant-derived products. This policy does not make it mandatory
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