Contrasting William Bradford's Of Plymouth Plantation and John Smith's A Description of New England

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Of Plymouth Plantation by William Bradford and A Description of New England by John Smith are essentially irrelevant to one another in the way that each piece has a very different point of view. The author John Smith was a pilgrim who arrived in the Americas and wrote a description of the new land. William Bradford was also a pilgrim who arrived at Plymouth and wrote more about the realities of his personal journey. The purpose of this essay is to contrast the purposes of the writers, their intended audiences, and how each writer gives out a specific feeling. Smith’s and Bradford’s individual descriptions are simply two categories; fiction and nonfiction. Smith’s intention for his audience is that the new land is everything you can wish…show more content…
He doesn’t want to lure his audience in but, inform them of the realistic difficulties of how the pilgrims actually lived during that period of time. Bradford wants his audience to be individuals who can emotionally relate to his cruel struggles and to obtain a more intellectual and real response. Both writers are clearly divergent from each other. It seems as if they arrived in completely different lands by the perspectives they give out. Bradford’s opinion of the Americas is not joyful for it leaves you with a feeling of sadness mixed with proud. Bradford did not write with imagination but with emotion and that makes him a total opposite of Smith. John Smith wrote with motivation and the ability to inspire the reader to agree with his talked about delightful land. However, in comparability, they both wrote strong enough to make them seem authentic. The specific purpose for Of Plymouth Plantation is to make one strongly relate to the conditions of which these poor men arrived in and how there was no one to welcome them, more over there was no place to stay in, no houses, no inns. The point of the story was to purely create a connection of what he sacrificed for the people living now between the reader and writer. It surely makes the reader feel an indescribable sensation of being in there with the pilgrims who had an extremely rough time and honestly feel the courage within them. The principle in A Description of New England evidently implies that building your

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