Contrasting the Contemporary Hipster with the Classical Hippie

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Professor: Peter Barnes Student: Isaac Coriat Date: September 29, 2013 Comparative Essay: Contemporary Hipsters and Classic Hippies Throughout the years people always had the need to express their individuality, and the way its been done has constantly varied in multiple dimensions. Of course time has played a key role but it’s not been the only determinant. It seems for societal changes to occur on a prolific wave-like manner, infecting people, giving them a sense of identification with the current wave of expression. Although somewhat consistent, the unstructured nature of the act allows for individual creativity to take place and perhaps be distinguished enough to influence other people in the same circle; characters who…show more content…
Through the years, hipsters became more nuanced and alive in society, more connected through a shared sense of music (unknown indie bands), developed a particular style (single-gear bicycles), and eventually their own attitudinal characteristics (typically ironic). The following quote from writer Mark Grief portrays some key physical traits of Hipsters and the common roles they play in society: “The hipster is that person, overlapping with the intentional dropout or the unintentionally declassed individual—the neo-bohemian, the vegan or bicyclist or skatepunk, the would-be blue-collar or postracial twentysomething, the starving artist or graduate student—who in fact aligns

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