Contrasting the Politics, History, Economics and Education of China and the US

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China, a fast-developing country in the 21st century has a long way to go to catch up with America, a well-developed country. The differences between the two countries are part of the reasons why this happen. In political aspect, they have different systems to function. In historical aspect, China has a different history from the United States. In the economical way, China is making a great progress, but the poverty and unemployment still commonly exist in the country while the US does a better job on eliminating the poverty. When talking about the educations between two countries, the one in America is considered more humane and more advanced. Even though China developed very rapidly, many differences still exist between them and …show more content…
It helps better understanding on Chinese government and how Chinese leader makes decision. "Eventually Chinese communists, led by Mao Zedong--another young revolutionary from Hunan, born 11 years after Song--would win a civil war and, in 1949, "liberate" China. The chaos of the Republic had played into Mao's belief that dissent must be mercilessly repressed. Nearly three decades of his totalitarian rule followed. This year, as the Communist Party's leaders again installed their own successors without public input, they declared, not for the first time, that "Western" democracy is not appropriate for the Chinese people."("The song of Song", 68) Chinese communist Party' leader does not agree that democracy is good for China because they want to consolidate their power and united the country. A different party will create conflicts that destroy the "harmony" of the society. Second, in addition to having a different political system, China has a much longer general history but shorter in early modern history than the United States. There is at least five thousand years of Chinese history whereas there is only 238 years of American history. On the other hand, the early modern Chinese history is only 174 years, which is even shorter than American history. Plus, American history has experienced the industrial revolution and many reforms whereas China has
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