Contribution and Importance of Literacy Training Program in Our Society Nowadays

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“Literacy Training Service” is a program designed to train students to become teacher literacy and numeracy skills to school children, out of school youth, and other segments of society in need of their need.

Literacy is crucial to the success of individuals in both their career aspirations and their quality of life. It is more than a basic reading ability, but rather an indication of “how adults use written information to function in society.”

Strong literacy skills are closely linked to the probability of having a good job, decent earnings, and access to training opportunities. Individuals with weak literacy skills are more likely to be unemployed or, if employed, to be in jobs that pay little or that offer poor hours or working
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Literacy is a basic human need and human right to knowledge. It has meaning only when it leads to participation in cultural and social activities. It is empowerment which means ability to make decisions and control affairs of ones own life, economically, socially and politically, it is the first step in a life-long earning process of man and women. Life without literacy is life without hope, security and freedom. It is the foundation of all skills and pre-requisite for economic development. Moreover, according to Stromquist (1995) in modern societies literacy skills are fundamental to informed decision-making, personal empowerment, active and passive participation in local and global social community. Literacy is useful at the individual level in inculcating humanistic etiquettes and manners. The human benefits from literature are related to factors such as the improved self-esteem, empowerment, creativity and critical reflection that participation in adult literacy programmes and the practice of literacy may produce. Human benefits are intrinsically valuable and may also be instrumental in realizing other benefits of literacy: improved health, increased political participation and so on (UNESCO, 2006).

The most apparent aspects of the human characters influenced by the literacy teaching are the awareness, empowerment and self esteem. Bown (1990) claims that with the acquisition
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