Contribution of Psychology and Social Psychology to the Study of Health and Welfare Issues

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Contribution of Psychology and Social Psychology to the Study of Health and Welfare Issues In this assignment I will be comparing and contrasting two psychological approaches demonstrating their relevance to understanding a health issue. The issue that I will be applying the two psychological approaches to is Smoking. The psycho dynamic approach denotes the active forces within the personality that motivate behaviour, and the inner causes of behaviour, in particular the unconscious conflict between the different structures that compose the whole personality. There are a lot of factors that contribute to why people behave in a certain way and why people…show more content…
These conflicts are accompanied by anxiety and result from interactions between the different personality structures named the ego, the id and the super ego. The id is concerned with the gratification of basic biological instincts and the pleasure principle, the ego is manifested as consciousness and the reality principle. The super ego constituted moral conscience and idealistic striving. The development of an individuals personality structures arises as a result of a maturational process from birth to adulthood. A lot of people do not realise what smoking is actually doing to their health and most smokers are living in denial which is a defence mechanism people use to block out the unpleasant reality of smoking which exists. The smoker does know that smoking cigarettes causes cancer and if the smoker doesn’t stop they could die of cancer or another disease associated with smoking such as heart disease. For example the symptoms of lung cancer are the coughing up of blood, shortness of breath, dry cough with phlegm, weight loss and a dull continuous pain in the chest and shoulders. If a smoker has theses symptoms and are a heavy smoker he or she may delay in seeking medical advice because they are afraid of the diagnosis. The learning approach is associated with the behaviorist perspective
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