Contribution of Sankardeva: an Illustration from Educational Point of View

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Contribution of Sankardeva: An illustration from Educational point of view Parag Rajkhowa Asstt. Professor, Department of Education Sibsagar College, Joysagar. “What Sankardeva alone was able to do now a day’s whole army of the English knowing cannot do?” M.K.Gandhi INTRODUCTION: All religious movements are generally accompanied with, and assisted by, the efflorescence of new literature, quickly with the very soul of the literature, quicking with the very soul of movement…show more content…
He has adapted the original text to the local land and people and most importantly for the purpose of bhakti. Portions of the original were left out or elaborated where appropriate. For example, he suppressed the portions that revile the lowers castes of sudra and kaivartas, and extols them elsewhere. Drama (Ankia Nat) • Cihna Yatra (lost) • Patni-prasada • Kalia-damana • Keli-gopala • Rukmini-harana • Parijata-harana • Srirama-vijaya Sankaradeva was the fountainhead of the Ankiya naat, a form of one-act play. In fact, his Cihna Yatra – staged by him when he was only 19 – is regarded as one of the first open-air theatrical performances in the world. Cihna yatra was probably a dance drama and no text of that show is available today. Innovations like the presence of a Sutradhara (narrator) on the stage, use of masks etc., were used later in the plays of Bertolt Brecht and other eminent playwrights. These cultural

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