Contribution of primary care to health systems and health: Is it essential?

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Contribution of primary care to health systems and health: Is it essential?
Evidence of the health promoting power of primary care has increased ever since investigators have been able to differentiate primary care from other characteristics of the health services delivery system. Studies constantly show that primary care has a positive effect on health results. It reduces mortality and morbidity, and it is considerably more lucrative than specialty based care. Therefore primary care is essential. Some of the beneficial impacts of primary care on health are:
- It increases contact to needed services,
- There is better quality of care,
- There is a greater focus on prevention,
- There is early managing of health problems,
- The
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Primary care physicians do as well as specialists in caring for common diseases and do better overall when the measures of quality are general. For less common conditions, care provided by primary care physicians with proper backup from specialists may be optimum; While sub-specialist care is certainly important to achieving a healthy public, such fragmented care cannot take the place of a primary care physician who can diagnose and treat the majority of patients in their office." (Editors and Staff, 2009). Primary care professionals are in the best place to notice the incidence of possible adverse effects of medical interventions, mainly those from drug reactions and interactions. This additionally makes primary care very essential. In systems of care that are leaning to primary care, the primary care practitioner is, the most commonly seen physician, for patients with all degrees of common conditions Only when conditions are uncommon are specialists the most frequent type of physician seen, and only for that condition From the primary care point of view: Why do we need a health care reform in the United States?
From a primary care point of view we need health care reform in the United States for various reasons. First, In the United States, more than 40 million people are lacking health insurance. Some of
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