Contributions Of Florence Nightingale

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Florence Nightingale In the field of medicine, many can be considered to be exemplary leaders as their efforts have combined to help save millions of lives over the years. Their contributions have continued to preserve the lives of many people together with animals and plants. Increased understanding of how our bodies work has led to breakthroughs in medicine led by these capable leaders. Some of these leaders in medicine are not inventors or innovators like most in the field but they have contributed much in evolving medical services. Their selfless actions have revolutionized medicine and as such have etched their names in the proverbial Hall of Fame of medicine. One such person is Florence Nightingale, who is famously known as the pioneer of modern nursing as we know it. Florence Nightingale was an English nurse whose efforts in the Crimean wars saved a lot of lives. She was a revered for her role in professionalizing the profession leading to many of the standards of nursing we know today (Gill & Gill, 2005). During the Crimean War, she led a team of nurses and it was the level of professionalism exhibited by her and her team that led to her fame. What was unique about her team is that she had personally trained most of them. Along with being a medical revolutionary she was also a firm feminist, she campaigned for more civil liberties for women. One of her main accomplishments as a feminist was the abolishment of laws that were too harsh on women especially

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