Contributions Of Florence Nightingale

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On May 12, 1820 Florence Nightingale was born to William Edward and Frances Nightingale. Florence lived a comfortable life and was well educated. She was never happy with the normal female skins but prefered to have discussions about politics and social discourse with her father. When she was sixteen she said she got a “calling from god” telling her to serve the sick and God; Florence thought nursing was the answer to that. Her parents and family didn’t believe that nursing was an inappropriate behavior for women. Despite her family’s ideas Florence was able to enroll in the institution of Protestant Deaconesses at Kaiserswerth in Germany for a two week long training class. Through her family connections Florence landed a job working as superintendent of the Institution for Sick Gentlewomen. As superintendent Florence was able to showcase her skills and was then so recruited to gather a group of nurses to travel to Crimea to help in the hospitals on the military bases. Florence Nightingale embodied the qualities of the Grad at Grad because she had a strong work ethic, the ability to gain trust that facilitated the development of leadership and promoted justice.

Florence Nightingale promoted justice by improving the sanitation of military hospitals. When Nightingale traveled to Scutari what she was faced with was horrific. There were patients lying in stretches throughout the hallways, rodents and bugs scurrying passed them, and scarce number of medical supplies and basic

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