Contributions Of Jean Piaget

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Throughout history many psychologists have made major impacts in psychology one of these was Jean Piaget he also made an impact in sociology. Jean Piaget was a Swiss clinical psychologist who discoveries still help people to this day. Jean Piaget was born in Neuchatel, in the Francophone region of Switzerland on August 9, 1986 and died in Geneva, Switzerland on September 16, 1980 at age 84. Piaget was buried with his family in an unmarked grave in the Cimetiere des Rois cemetery of kings in Geneva, Switzerland this was at Piaget request. Piaget family was very influential in his success throughout his life he was the oldest son of Arthur Piaget and Rebecca Jackson who was French. His father was a swiss professor of medieval literature at the University of Neuchatel Piaget look up to his father he saw how dedicated his father was to his work because of this at a young age he took his studies very seriously he became interested in zoology he started collecting many things including sea shells. When Jean Piaget was ten years old he showed an interesting interest in mollusks which are invertible animals whose membranes are known as mollusks. Piaget started going to the local museum of natural history in Neuchatel and would be there for hours learning. Just at the age of eleven years old Piaget attended Neuchatel Latin High School he published his first scientific paper on a rare albino sparrow it was the beginning of many articles he would write and over fifty books. The article
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