Contributions Of Miriam Makeba

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In 1987, Miriam Makeba wrote “I kept my culture. I kept the music of my roots. Through my music I became this voice and image of Africa, and the people, without even realizing" (Cowell, 2008). By expressing her thoughts and emotions through her songs, Miriam Makeba became one of South Africa's most important intellectuals for her civil rights activism contributions. Despite living a difficult life, Makeba was able to stay hopeful and to use her power of music to resist the apartheid that was going on in South Africa at the time, even if this led to her being exiled from her home and not being able to return until Nelson Mandela was able to invite her back. Her contributions not only to music but also to activism would result in her receiving numerous praise and titles, including Mama Africa. Makeba is remembered as Mama Africa not only for her musical talents but also her civil rights activism and her everlasting legacy in not only her native South Africa but also the…show more content…
Her presence was described as vital to the film due to the fact that "…her body language, clothing, and professional performance strategies all helped to signal a cosmopolitan modern black identity" (Feldstein, 2014, p. 62). This film and Makeba's performance had an impact on audiences worldwide, won awards, and was successful in raising awareness about the situation in South Africa, which transformed the views about South African blacks to political subjects with aspirations for many white viewers (Feldstein, 2014, 2013). However, this step in her career had also began her thirty-year exile from her hometown, where she was denied to return to South Africa for her mother's funeral due to the government cancelling her passport, which made her less introverted and more out-spoken against the apartheid, exposing the Americans to the realities of what was going on in her home (Feldstein, 2014). She sang in English as
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