Contributions Of Nonprofit Charitable Organizations

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In the United States alone, there are over one million non-profit organizations that operate all over the entire world. Some charities are more familiar than others, such as, The United Way and The Salvation Army. Of these many non-profits in the United States, many of them struggle to thrive and be successful with their goals. Charities rely on getting funds from many sources, and some charities struggle with money because of the fact they are heavily depending on funds from sources that may not be there one day. Charities have to meet certain requirements set by the IRS to have a non-profit status. Studies have shown that the rich are not donating to charity, although more and more of the youth seem to be donating. There are so many good reasons to donate to nonprofit charitable organizations, but still many organizations struggle to meet or succeed their goals. Without cash or funding, a non-profit will not be able to provide the programs or services that the non-profit was designed to provide. Some people wonder where to ask for the necessary money. Many organizations ask individuals for direct donations. Some ask foundations, government agencies, or corporations for grants to support specific programs and projects. “There are two commandments, simplify and focus” (How to Raise Money for a Non-profit). Fundraising involves all acts of soliciting donations for a non-profit agency, it includes efforts to raise money from individuals, grants, and philanthropies. Once a…
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