Contributions Of Prominent Muslim Women

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Ehab Elatrash 12 A 3/20/2017 Contributions of Prominent Muslim Women
People when asked about Muslim women automatically picture an oppressed, mistreated, woman. One who doesn’t receive her rights and is not acknowledged in anyway. Which is all a misconception only conceived by non- muslims or people who might not have much knowledge in Islam. If they were to look deeper they would be astonished to see a womans worth in Islam and all the rights given towards women. And how women in Islamic history helped shape the religion. Some prominent Muslim women throughout Islamic history and modern times are from the following: Khadija b. Khuwaylid , Nusayba b. Ka’b al- Ansariyya, A’isha b. Abi Bakr, Al- Malika al- Hurra Arwa al- Sulayhi, …show more content…

She protected the Prophet Muhammad from adversaries amid the fight and even maintained a few spear wounds and bolts as she cast herself before him to secure him. It is said that after she supported her twelfth injury, she fell oblivious and the principal address she asked when she got up (after a day in Medina) was "did the Prophet survive?" a demonstration of her dependability and responsibility to the new confidence.
An assume that requires no presentation, 'Ā 'isha was the spouse of the Prophet Muhammad who had maybe the most impact on the Muslim people group after his passing. She assumed a focal part in the political resistance to the third and fourth caliphs Uthmān ibn 'Affān and 'Alī ibn Abī Ṭālib, notwithstanding driving an armed force against the last at Basra in 656. Despite the fact that she resigned from political life after her thrashing, she kept on assuming a noteworthy part as a transmitter of Islamic lessons. She is one of the significant storytellers of hadith in the Sunni custom. From various perspectives, she is among the most fascinating (and disputable) figures in early Islam, particularly since the ramifications of her activities for ladies ' support in grant, political life, and people in general circle conflicted with later preservationist originations of the part of ladies.
Her full name was Arwa b. Ahmad b. Muhammad

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