Contributions Of The Rise And Growth Of Three Powerful Empires

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Contributions to the Rise and Growth of three Powerful Empires
There are many factor’s that contributed to the great rise of what we know today as the biggest empires of the Axial Age. Among them we find three empires, Rome, Persia, and the Mongolians that have contributed to who we are today. They stamped their position in history in ways that we still use today. Some factor’s that contributed to the rise of these soaring empires include, their military techniques and growing technology, their advance on trade alongside trade tactics and the ability to produce syncretism. One of the main reasons why these empires had such success was due to their military strength. For example Greece was gifted with a powerful and tactful man who went by Alexander the Great. Through the technology and the ability to create such a reformed army Greece was able to conquered many of the states surround it with ease. Under the rule of King Philip the creation of weapons such as the torsion catapult, the belly shooters and the formation of the sarissa aided Alexander to lead his troops to move with great force, taking all of it’s neighboring states leading to Greece’s rise. (Greece: Age of Alexander) Another contribution that changed how battles were fought was the contribution of Siege Towers by the Greece armies. These provided a new game to warfare as they protected not only the soldiers but also held ammunition inside of each tower. These allowed soldiers to get up close to the opposing
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